Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jingus, Monkey, and Bus

By Machete

Jingus runs through the very nerve center of gypsies. Montanita is jingus.

I woke up in the bar on the beach 100 meters from our campsite this morning. We strung our hammocks to the poles of the bar. They close at dark, but they let us sleep there for free. They even let us sleep in. The proprietors just sit around all day in hammocks waiting for random customers to walk down the beach and when one strolls in they sell them a beer for a dollar fifty.

When I woke up this morning at noon, they said, "Muchas Cervezas?"

To which I replied, "Seis en la manana." They laughed.

Montanita has a party row of small concessions selling fresh fruit drinks with rum and Jingus. The first night we were here we sat and drank a lot of Jingus there. The lady bartender laughed when I ordered six more drinks as soon as we got our first ones. Basically everyday we have been here Tor, the professional norweigan sot, Tom and I start drinking after breakfast. Then we wonder the streets for a few hours, looking at girls and making jokes. At about six, we cook a dinner with all fresh ingredients. Fresh vegetables and fruit are cheaper in Ecuador than packaged food. After dinner, we sit around the campfire listening to Tom harass the Germans.

For example, the first night we were sitting around the fire and Tom looks at Mattias, one of the Germans who was eating a can of Tuna, and says, "Just like a fucking German, eating a can of fish at ten o´clock at night." The group erupted with laughter.

And after we listen to Tom for a few hours, we go to the party. The party is every night. We haven´t gone to bed before five any of the nights we have been here.

There are packs of stray dogs roaming the beach. A few have taken a liking to the Gypsy train probably due to the constant smell of fresh food in the air. We shew them away and throw bottles at them. They are disgusting. But then there is Monkey. Monkey is laying on the floor next to me as I write and Tor is drinking a beer next to me writing his friends on facebook.
When we were drunk the first night walking down the beach a random dog ran alongside us, I looked at him and said,"monkey." The group now refers to the dog as monkey. Everytime we walk down the beach we look for him, and call him. He always follows us. Yesterday, we were walking to town to get beer and we saw monkey so we called him over to us. We decided we would buy him a meal. Five of us walked into every tienda looking for dog food. I finally found some, and I bought it. We walked to the end of the street where the beach is, and dumped the food on the ground. We made a human fortress around monkey to keep away the other dogs. Then Mattias ran out of a store.

"I got a treat for monkey!" He screamed as he held a can of Tuna in his hand. We gave the Tuna to the dog as we shewed other dogs away. One dog walked up to us with his weiner hanging out.

Tom said, "I think that dog wants to fuck monkey. Get away Boner dog."

Well, monkey ate the food and we left to sip Jingus.

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