Friday, June 18, 2010

Apprehension and Bus

By Machete

After four long weeks in Quito, we are finally ready to embark on this journey. I cannot say that I am without my doubts. When I handed the strange, middle-aged, overweight Hispanic named Fernando every cent I had in the world, apprehension flushed through my body. Maybe because everything is on the line, my trip, my money and my pride, on an idea we know nothing about. People say, when they´re drunk, that the idea is great and they would love to come, but only time will tell whether people really love the idea and we can survive or it will be tragically revealed that it´s a romantic masturbation created by four half-crazed delinquent travelers.

Either way we are bound together by the bus. There is no turning back. Our backpacks are full, and our first passengers are ready to roll. My fingers are crossed and I wish myself good luck. At least I know that I will do everything in my power not to fail at the task at hand, so if anything goes wrong I know, deep down in my heart and mind, that it was the fault of Alex and Alaena.

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