Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ben and his Blog

By Zach W. Watson

Ben, from Bristol, England, and his Blog joined the Gypsy Train in Valparaiso, Chile, when we met that fateful day in Presto Pizza and he randomly asked a group of strange gringos where was the place to be in Valparaiso on a Friday night.

"We don´t know, but are you heading south?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, I am." Ben said.

"Well, we have a bus and we are heading to Pata-"

"I´m in."

"We cook every meal, and we see amaza-" Mike continued his gringo grabbing opus.

"No, it´s okay. I´m in."

And like that, without seeing the bus, meeting the gypsies, and knowing a god-damn thing about the Gypsy Train, he was on our bus a week later giving us Yanks a hard time for not having foreskin.

His blog, at least, is somewhat decent and doesn´t feel a penal superiority to Americans....benandhisblog.uk.co

And his favorite thing to do is make movies...

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